Your Family Story.

Thank you for choosing Sara Bee Photography & Film to capture this incredible time in parenthood! I know that your family story is special and unique and I am honored to get the opportunity to capture it.

Much love,


Commonly Asked Questions:

What is a lifestyle in-home session?

A family lifestyle session is a photoshoot that documents your family and your lifestyle in the place you feel most comfortable - at home. A family lifestyle focuses on perfectly imperfect candid moments that will ultimately create beautiful imagery of genuine, real moments between you and your family.

These sessions take place typically late morning or mid-day, when the light is even throughout your home. Most families opt for weekend sessions, but I am available for weekday sessions as well!

What is included in the session price?

I try to be very up front about my pricing, so the price you see on my website is the price you are going to pay for the session and the edited digitals that will be sent via a private gallery. With your private gallery, you are able to download, save and share as you wish. I promise 20 high resolution digital images with an hour session, and 40+ images with a 90 minute session.

You can expect your gallery to be sent to you within 2-3 weeks after your session.

Is a in-home session for everyone?

This is a great question, and the truth is, not always. My lifestyle sessions are for families who want photographs of them being together in a way that is connected, imperfect and completely natural. These sessions capture the “right now”, what life currently looks like.

Lifestyle sessions are for the nostalgic, the sentimental, and the romantic. It’s for those who like to keep it simple, and for those who see the beauty and importance in their ordinary lives. If you are looking for more posed, or "sit and smile at the camera" type photos, you will want to consider my outdoor family sessions which consist of a wonderful variety of both candid and posed portraits.


What should we do to prepare our home?

We will likely stick to two or three areas of your home that has good, natural light, so run the vacuum and remove unnecessary clutter from the floor, nightstands, and coffee tables and call it a day! After all, I am there to photograph you, and your growing family, not your home.

The most popular spots for in home sessions are your living room, kitchen, outside the house (play equipment porch/patio, garden, etc), and master bedroom. Some kiddos love to show me their toys and treasures in their bedroom, so sometimes we take a few in there as well!

If you'd like, you are welcome to send me photos of your home beforehand so that I can gather a better idea of what lighting will be like in the rooms you are thinking of photographing in. I suggest taking the photos around the same time of your scheduled session.

What types of activities do you recommend doing for the session?

  • Reading books together as a family
  • Playing games
  • Baking/Cooking
  • Having a dance party
  • Playing outside (bubbles, water play, gardening, etc)

What should we wear and/or avoid wearing?

Soft or natural tones are going to photograph well. Pales and pastels, as well as earthy tones are fantastic. Varied textures in your choice of clothing also look great! (Think denim, corduroy, wool, linen, cotton).

Ensuring you and your children are comfortable in your clothing is ultimately most important. Children that are able to comfortably move around are happy children.

Clothing trends to avoid – Do you remember in the 90’s where everyone dressed in white shirts and denim? Maybe avoid that! In fact, try to stay clear of being too match-y at all. Instead, try to focus on finding clothing that compliments each other, both in texture and tones.

Try to avoid clothing with large logos or branding on the front, this will distract from the timelessness of the photos that we will take. We want the attention to be drawn to the faces of your beautiful children and not so much Peppa Pig, or Minnie Mouse.

Clothing Brands I love for photography sessions:

Women- Baltic Born*, Jessa Kae*, One Loved Babe*, Old Navy*, Gap, Zara, Ivy City Co*. (*these brands carry plus sizes)

Men- Old Navy, Gap, J. Crew, Express, H&M, Macy's, Target

Littles- Zara, Jamie Kay, Gap, Quincy Mae, Noralee, Rylee & Crew, H&M.

I hope most of your questions have been answered here. I am truly looking forward to the opportunity to capture some incredible memories with your family! If you have any additional questions, I will be happy to answer them!